Dropped iPhone in Water, What to Do!? Rice Helps.

Have you ever dropped your phone in water?

Also, if that phone is an iPhone which its battery can’t be taken out?

This is my experiece that I want to share.

Not long ago something happened, a disastrous incident. I often read online about the poll regarding places people drop their iPhone and the solution for it. I thought it would never happen to me definitely. I would never drop my iPhone in the toilet.

But I did.

Let me explain the incident. You may skip the quote part because it’s going to be super long.

On that day, I just got up from bed. I was still pretty asleep, walking to the toilet with my iPhone 5 and its headphone. It’s my bad habit to have an iPhone with me while I’m in the toilet. I was about to sit down when I heard something dropped in the water.

F*ck. It’s my iPhone.

At that moment, I was completely wide awake. I didn’t know whether there was something wrong with my hand or anything but I dropped it. I saw the lower part (about 1/3) of my iPhone 5 in the water. Fortunately I had my headphone plugged in. I couldn’t think of anything but my hand automatically grabbed the cable of the headphone. I dragged my phone out of the toilet.

Suddenly, I swore every rude words I could think of.

I pulled out a TPU case, checking if it’s alright. The sound still came out of the headphone and the touch screen was fine. My phone seemed to be okay, it’s just wet at some part. I felt relieved, using my shirt to wipe the water out until it looked dry. Then I used it for 30 minutes. I went around my house and had a breakfast. Then I started thinking about the rice method I’ve read. Again, I felt like I didn’t need that since my iPhone seemed to work fine.

Still, worried, I searched online for the dropped iPhone and both Thai and English articles came through. One article mentioned that all water should be taken out so I shook my phone (which I didn’t know I shouldn’t do that) and sh*t, the water came out of the charging port. I was extremely panicked. I pulled out my headphone and tried playing music. There was sound from the speakers but it’s not as loud as it used to be. Obviously, there was something WRONG. There must be water in the speakers. I read more and it said the phone should be powered off immediately. Oh, I made mistakes. I used my phone for 30 minutes! It’s nightmare. I, then, powered it off.

After finishing the article, I came to conclusion. I had to try that ‘rice magic’ method.

Some people said the rice didn’t help, but it would cause more damage to the phone. I knew that but I was hopeless. I felt like I had nothing to lose. My phone must be out of warranty now since it was damaged by myself. So I grabbed some uncooked rice and threw it in a ziplock bag. I took a simcard out of my iPhone, seeing that a humidity indicator is still plain white. Then I took two silica gel bags from supplyment containners. (They were the only two I could find in my house.) I put both silica gel bags on my iPhone, covered the phone with a thin cloth tightly, put my phone in the ziplock bag filled with uncooked rice, and sealed it. I sorrowfully said goodbye to my iPhone 5 for a couple of days.


I read a lot of Thai and English articles and there were some differences which confused me so I listed down here.

– The most appropriate thing you should use is silica gel. You can find this thing in some snack bags, supplyment containers, camera boxes etc. If you don’t have silica gel, use uncooked rice. It’s fine but it’s not as effective as silica gel. I think the reason people recommend using uncooked rice because it’s easier to find.
– Uncooked rice will leave some dust. It’s a good idea to cover your phone with some dry thin cloth before putting it in a ziplock bag or a plastic container so it will prevent your phone from the dust.
– You either use a ziplock bag or a plastic container. The important thing is to make sure that it’s perfectly sealed or closed.
– There is no perfect amount of time. I will say 3 days is fine. It depends on how much water in your phone. 3 days. A week. 3 weeks. A month. Months. You should decide on your own.

In conclusion, these are steps to do when an iPhone is dropped in water.

1. Take it out of the water as fast as you can if you want your iPhone to survive. Don’t hesitate.
2. Take out a phone case, pluggy, headphone, home button sticker etc.
3. Use whatever soft and dry thing near your hand to wipe your phone. (I used my shirt.) Make sure it’s dry.
4. Don’t shake your iPhone. Also, don’t blow it with a hair dryer or a fan. No microwave, heater, or oven. It will cause more damage.
5. Look for uncooked rice. Also silica gel if you can find it.
6. Store your uncooked rice (and silica gel) in a ziplock bag or a plastic container.
7. Wrap your iPhone with a thin dry cloth tightly.
8. Put your phone in a ziplock bag or a plastic container filled with uncooked rice (and silica gel).
9. Keep it at room temperature.
10. Waiting is all you can do. Wait at least 3 days. Don’t touch your phone. Don’t power it on. Forget your phone and enjoy your life.
11. When time reaches, pray. Just kidding. Open your iPhone and check if it works well.


Able to power on, work perfectly: Congratulations. You just saved your iPhone.

Able to power on, don’t function well or unable to power on: Buy a new one or take it to Apple Authorised Service Provider and look for Out-of-Warranty program.

An iPhone dropped in water is out of warranty as the damage caused by a user. If you take your phone to an Apple Authorised Service Provider, you will be likely to pay for Out-of-Warranty program. You will get a refurbished iPhone which costs differently depending on the model.

The last thing I want to mention is that your iPhone may not work properly after the incident. I personally think water leaves some damage no matter what. The problem may not occur today or tomorrow, but it will. At least you just extended your iPhone life instead of buying the new one.

In my case, my iPhone 5 works fine after 3 days in the ziplock bag. I don’t feel any problem unless the thought of it once being dropped in water. Overall, I’m happy with the result.

I hope all I wrote will be able to help some people out there in some way. Please don’t mind my English skill. English is not my native language. Also, I’m not a mechanician so there must be some misunderstanding. I’m just a normal woman trying to solve this whole problem by searching and reading articles online.

Good luck everyone.





PS. This is my savior.



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